Community Champion

Cindy Claycomb is a lifelong resident of the Wichita area and has been making a difference in the community for many years. She is a wife, grandmother, friend and educator – but mostly she is a champion for positive growth.

Early in life, she and her three siblings roamed the streets around their house at University and Vine. Her parents were hardworking, small business owners who knew the value of a dollar. They taught her perseverance and compassion and laid the groundwork for her to ultimately become the educator and community advocate she is today.

Cindy graduated from Bishop Carroll High School in Wichita, attended Wichita State University for her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business, and ultimately graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Ph.D. in marketing.

Since 1994, Cindy has been a Professor at Wichita State University. During this time she has been a part of many different initiatives and committees within Wichita. Most notably, she co-chaired the Clean Air Wichita Campaign that eliminated smoking within restaurants and workplaces, has been involved with keeping our parks, trails and open spaces vibrant by serving on the Board of Park Commissioners since 2009 (and becoming President in 2016) and serves as Chair of the Board of Directors for the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation, whose purpose is to revitalize and enhance the city center.

After serving as the Interim Dean of the W. Frank Barton School of Business at Wichita State University, Cindy became the founding director of WSU Ventures in 2014. The goal of WSU Ventures is to assist in the creation of new products, businesses and jobs that improve the quality of life for Kansas and beyond. This experience increased her capacity for problem solving and paved the way for continued growth in the private and public sectors. Currently, she maintains her role as Professor at WSU as well as serves as the Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning. She is now in a phased retirement, after dedicating 23 years to higher education, and is looking forward to having more time to serve the community and its members.

Cindy is married to Charlie Claycomb. They enjoy their home in District 6 and traveling across the United States.

The Next Step

With her varied experience in business, higher education and community service she can offer a well-balanced perspective on the challenges that face Wichita now and in the future. All of her work can be summarized as an effort to keep Wichita a strong and vibrant place to live, work, learn and play. She wants young adults, including her 14-year-old granddaughter, to intentionally plan to stay in Wichita because of its opportunity, diversity, affordability and cultural liveliness.

  • Business Advocate

    Cindy has been on the leading edge of business as a WSU professor.

  • Community Champion

    Cindy has been a vocal advocate for our city.

  • City Council

    Cindy is ready to take her ideas and leadership to the next level.